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Artist/Choreographer Laura Jenkins in front of her journal entry collage.

Artist/Choreographer Laura Jenkins in front of her journal entry collage.



a collaborative dance company


The Heartbreak of a Serial Monogamist

How a Millennial deals with heartbreak and grief.

This Philly Fringe Festival come experience an interactive, art, installation and live dance performance set in a small South Philly studio. Enjoy a beer and art created by Choreographer/Artist/Mover Laura Jenkins as she exposes her vulnerability and healing process from heartbreak and grief.

Experience a personal & vulnerable dance/visual art exhibition that shines light on the anguish we all endure at the end of a relationship, death or life change. Immerse yourself in relatable pain & reconnect with the middle stages of grief through the eyes of a serial monogamist. Interact with various processes and allow yourself to let go, and leave the studio with a fresh sense of optimism towards life + love.

Perhaps Millennials are narcissistic, sensitive, over-emotional… Or maybe they just know how to grieve a little bit better. Exposing our most vulnerable sides of us is not a weakness it is a healing process. We are not alone in this area of our life so let’s share and experience it together, relishing this middle, murky time rather than rushing past it wishing it was over.  This hard part of grief, is where we learn more about ourselves, grow, change, and experience life. The Heartbreak of a Serial Monogamist focuses on creativity and being present to get us through these dark times.

The interactive art show will be at The Whole Shebang located at 1813 S 11th St

Philadelphia, PA 19148 (Rear entrance through the SS. Neumann & Goretti High School parking lot).

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the FringeArts box office

Shows are Sept 17 (MON) and Sept 18 (TUE) at 7:30p

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