Dear Friends + Family,

I am e-mailing you to let you know of a very exciting show I have been working on for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. It opens in just two weeks!

The HeARTbreak of a Serial Monogamist is an interactive, art, installation and live dance performance in a studio setting. This is a whole new and vulnerable area of creativity for me and I am excited and nervous to show it all to you.

This is a show about grief, most importantly -- the middle stages of grief. The area that no one likes to talk about, the area that we wish was over, the area that people simply offer the advice of "time will heal". The really shitty part. Through a lot of self work, I have discovered that this drowning area is really the time and space where we learn, grow and tap back into our true selves. Staying present in this time is crucial, and I'm learning every day that even though it's tough, it's also pretty cool. I'm starting to realize that the unknown doesn't have to be so scary.

I have compiled all my experiences with grief (thus far) -- past break-ups, moves and career changes, death to current break-ups and life changes -- and turned them into a show to share with everyone. I think it is important we normalize this murky time to know we aren't alone and that there are tools we can use to help us through the rough times.

It's a show about my journey, my healing process. It's a show about me and my experiences all muddled together for storyline purposes (you won't find dirt on any one particular story here). You will see art that I've created to fill a void. Art that I've created to help me cope.  Art /crafts / whatever you want to call it, that I've done to keep me sane. There will be installations for you to interact with to experience things I've done to get by, and moods I've wanted to cultivate and embody at certain points through this phase.  And of course a handful of dance pieces will be presented for emotional impact. My creative outlet, my journey and my process had started years ago, and I compiled it all together as I realized that this is an important stage and there are lessons I'm still learning. For me, sharing my vulnerability with these experiences is a crucial part of my healing process. Sharing that I don't always have my shit together, and I'm uber sensitive and emotional and I don't always have to hold it in and be "strong" is becoming a huge a relief. And through this show, I am doing just that -- feeling what I need to feel, doing what I need to do and letting go.
If you can attend my show, I would be forever grateful. For those who are unable to attend (life is life) I will post as much as I can of the show for you to see.

I also have an Indiegogo Campaign for The HeARTbreak of a Serial Monogamist, to help me cover the basic costs of production. Any contribution to that would be an immense help, but also sharing this show information or the campaign is huge in itself.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this. Feel free to forward, pass on, post, reply etc. Thank you for your support, it means the world to me.

I love you ALL!


Laura Jenkins